Download Opera 10.60 alpha for Windows

Posted By on Jun 1, 2010 | 0 comments

Opera is a popular cross platform browser and is making quick progress benchmarking the best practices for a browser. In this effort they have release the version 10.60 Alpha for users of Windows, mac and Linux. The new browser is faster than it’s predecessors and promises to have significant performance boost both in terms of Javascript, CSS and DOM.

Following are some of the important improvements:

In addition to the visual tweaks you have seen already, such as the Speed Dial facelift, we have also been making further UI enhancements. You will notice that the O menu button now says “Menu” for easy discovery, and instead of hard to read thumbnails for internal tabs, we have replaced them with icons. The tab hover previews have also received a facelift.

Download Opera 10.60 Alpha for Windows

More information and versions for other platform can be found here.