QuickJump Browsers using Browser Chooser

Posted By on Oct 4, 2009 | 0 comments

BrowserChooser3Browser Chooser is a lovely tool for your windows 7 and Windows vistal machine. It helps you choose a browser when you want to open a link. For example if you are viewing a page using Internet Explorer but want to open the link on that page into Firefox, browser chooser comes to your rescue. This is quite handful if you are a web developer as you would want to test your site across multiple browser. Also, it comes in handy when you are a power user using many browser simultaneously but want to open a link using Firefox (as it has your download manager integrated).


Browser Chooser is a small tool acting as the default browser allowing you to choose what browser to open the link in. It gives you the flexibility to choose what browser to use for any given task. It is developed in VB.Net and geared towards Windows Vista and Windows 7.



Download Browser Chooser