Mount Online storage services (SkyDrive) as a local drive on your Windows Machine

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gladinetlogoOnline backup is becoming more and more critical these days and although a few people are concerned about their privacy, there are many who give importance to their data than to worry about privacy. If I were to give my opinion about privacy, I’d say if you are on Internet you don’t have to worry about privacy :) . Moving to the importance of online backups. There are various services which are quite fabulous, like dropbox, windows live mesh and Windows skydrive. However, it’d be much more easy and fun if you could use all these online services to integrate as a drive on your machine and hence not having the hassle to go online and make backups.

Gladinet’s cloud desktop allows you to integrate various such online services and allows you to mount them on your machine as drives. For example windows skydrive can be mounted as a local drive on your windows machine.


  • Backup Google Docs™ to Local and/or Cloud Storage
  • Map Cloud Storage As a Virtual Drive
  • Incremental Backup to One or More Cloud Storage Service
  • Manage Tasks with a Versatile and Powerful Task Manager
  • Enjoy Enterprise Level Scalability for Large Transfers
  • Transfer Files 10x Faster with Advanced Acceleration Technology
  • Protect your online credentials with Profile Encryption
  • Integrate Cloud Applications with Desktop
  • Gladinet Cloud File Type Association
  • Google Docs™, Zoho™ etc…
  • Open local file using cloud applications directly


Download Gladinet’s Free Starter Edition which is supported for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It’s available for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

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