Add administrative tools to Windows start menu

Posted By on Oct 6, 2009 | 0 comments

ad5With any operating system I like the idea of being in control and hence I want to have access to all the administrative tasks. This is more so in Windows. After all the reason we have windows is for ease of use. Let’s see how to enable all the administrative tools in Windows 7 to be shown in the start menu. Administrative tools help you access power user settings like firewall, managing hard disks etc. These tools are available in the “System and Security” settings under control panel. However, it’d be much easy to have them in the start menu

Add administrative tools to start menu

1. Right click on empty area of the taskbar and click properties.


2. You’ll see the the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window popping up. Select the “start menu” tab and click customize.


3. Scroll down to System administrative tools and check the radio button that reads “Display on All Programs menu and the Start menu”


4. Click OK and apply. Now you can see administrative tools in the start menu meaning you don’t have to go to control panel all the time.


I hope you understand that with power comes responsibility, so be wise to use this feature :)