Registry First Aid 6: Get a free license

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rfa_boxOne of the important and integral part of Windows operating system is it’s registry. And every now and then the registry bloats up because there are programs which don’t uninstall all the stuff. As a result of which having a registry optimizer is a good option for your Windows Machine. It improves the performance of your system and ensures maximum system performance. Registry First Aid 6 is one such software that does the job of trimming your registry with ease. However, it comes with a 30 day trial and would cost you a good $29.95 to get the full version. But you can get Registry First Aid 6 license for free.

Registry First Aid scans the Windows registry for orphan file/folder references, finds these files or folders on your drives that may have been moved from their initial locations, and then corrects your registry entries to match the located files or folders. In addition, if your registry has links to files of deleted applications, Registry First Aid will find these invalid entries and remove them from your registry. With Registry First Aid, your Windows registry will be always clean and correct, helping your programs load faster and speeding up your computer.

Features of Registry First Aid 6:

  • Scan the registry for invalid or bad entries
  • Clean registry errors and invalid entries
  • Backup registry entries
  • Registry defragment
  • Scans registry for orphan file/folder references
  • Corrects registry entries to the located objects
  • Scan the hard drive for the missing files
  • Save a backup file of the registry
  • Fix the registry
  • Support running in a least privileged environment

Registry First Aid1

Registry First Aid2

Let’s see how to get the Registry First Aid 6 license for free. It’s part of promotional offer from Avanquest.

1. Go to the following page.

2. Fill in the email address and click the button that reads Downloaden to register.

3. On the next page fill in the other details and click Software jetzt gratis downloaden button.

4. That’s it you’ll be displayed your serial number. Copy it some place safe.

5. Downlod the trial version of Registry First Aid 6 and enter the serial you got to enjoy the full version of Registry First Aid.

6. Download  Registry First Aid 6.exe

Note: The latest version of Registry First Aid is version 7. What you are getting here is Registry First Aid 6.

Caution: Please use it at your own risk. Make sure to create a restore point and backup your registry before using third party software like Registry First Aid 6.