NovaBench 2: Another Benchmarking utility for Windows

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novabenchlogoSome time back we wrote about Fresh Diagnose, a utility to benchmark your computer. There’s another such utility called as NovaBench 2 which does exactly the same. It is advised that you close all the other applications before running the tests using NovaBench. Either you can run tests one by one or you can run all the tests together. You can also check and compare the results with others online. Following are some of the features of NovaBench 2.


  • Extensive CPU speed tests
  • Multi-threaded tests take advantage of multiple cores/processors
  • Hardware accelerated graphics tests
  • Hard drive write speed test
  • CPU temperature monitor
  • Tabbed interface for benchmark results
  • Outputs overall system score
  • Online score comparison system



My score is 210.


Following is a synopsis of statistics collected by NovaBench 2.




Download NovaBench 2

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