Aviary: Taking webpage screenshot was never this easy.

Posted By on Aug 9, 2009 | 0 comments

We all have taken screenshots and edited them. It has become a part of our work, whether you want to send something to your friend or use screenshot of your desktop/webpage in your professional presentations. When it comes to blogger it’s imperative that she/he has a more than handful tool to take and manage screenshots. As a result of which there are plenty such tools.

Aviary offers a lovely way of handling screenshots. The best feature being the fact that it’s flawless to take screenshot of a complete page. All you have to do is to append the URL of the page you want to take screenshot of at the end of http://aviary.com. For example if I want to take screenshot of http://linuxhub.net, I’ll do the following:



But if you thought it was this easy, there’s a state of art editor for editing the screenshots you have taken. You can do all the basic editing required for a screenshot using the aviary editor.

You can also install the firefox extension to make the screen capturing even more easy and effortless. You can get the firefox aviary addon here. Once installed the addon is pretty intuitive to use.



You can also drag this bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar to capture the screenshot of an page without having to type the whole long address in the address bar.